Wouldn't It Be Loverly?

Pink Lemonade Please

Anyone who’s hung out with Ada the last year, knows that her favorite color, favorite anything for that matter, is none other than pink. I don’t know how this little one is my offspring, as I don’t believe I’ve worn the color since I turned 10. But alas, God has a sense of humor.

For her 3rd Birthday, I indulged the little pip-squeak, and threw a Pink Lemonade Birthday.

All of invitees at the table

It was a family and best friend affair one Saturday afternoon.

Ready for the cake

Complete with a pink cake (made by Chef Marti),

Photo Op

Best friends to share with

Ada and Jadyn on the trike

And a tricycle ride for two.

A couple more photos to enjoy… Ada and Mommy opening presents.

Ada and Mommy

Princess Ada with her Daddy.

Ada and Daddy

What a day!

Friday Night Fun

Bjørn photographing the girl's mess

In case you’re having a boring start to a weekend, might I recommend splitting open a bean bag chair?

Inspiration: Ada Lynn Bulthuis

Set Up: 30 seconds

Fun Provided: At least an hour

Ages: 6+ - 50 years + (at least it entertained our aunt and uncle for a good while)

Clean Up: NOT worth it ;)

Thank you Ada for keeping our lives interesting and teaching us great patience.

Love The Management.

Pictures from the party

Ruby Jean & Me

Here’s a little picture roll detailing the big moments of Ruby Jean’s 1st Birthday.

Ruby Jean, Ada and Bjørn

Daddy and the girls.

Ruby Red Cupcakes

The cupcakes (made by Auntie Kay).

Ruby Jean and Bjørn

Singing Happy Birthday.

Ruby Jean, Ada and Bjørn

Eating her first cake, with none other than ruby red frosting, of course!

Ruby Jean, Ada and Grandpa Christensen

Grandpa and Grandma Christensen arrived the evening of Ruby’s Birthday in order to celebrate. Grandpa made sure to get in some good reading time with the girls.

Ruby enjoying her new carseat

Saturday, the biggest birthday present arrived: Ruby’s new carseat from the grandparents and her parents. Ruby was quite thrilled to be sitting upright, like a proper little toddler.

And we finally ended the partying with a visit from Papa and Farmor the following weekend. To see more about that trip, check out Peter’s blogpost (http://www.southworthsailor.com/2012/02/ruby-first-birthday.html) on it.

Ruby’s Letter

Ruby Jean

Dear Ruby,

Where do I start? I confess already you’re getting stuck in the 2nd kid syndrome, as I haven’t written your 6th-month-old letter. But let’s not dwell on Momma’s mistakes… So to begin, let’s go with your nicknames.

You’ve gained lots of ‘em in this family: The Great Rubinski, Ruey (before Ada learned how to say your name), Roudini, Ruby Jean Drama Queen, Grabby Grabby (because you try to grab everything!), The Pterodactyl (because you shriek like one), La Rue, MY SISTA (You can guess who came up with that one!), oh and Daddy’s favorite, Ruby Tuesday.

Sisters Sisters: You love following Ada Lynn around and want to touch anything and everything she has. Ada’s pretty good about pushing you over, but you also do a great job of tattling on her with a very offended cry. When you cry, Ada always tells you “No cry, Ruey, it’s ok.” and goes and gets your favorite stuffed animal. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship right now.

But don’t worry, I assured Ada yesterday that you will be best friends and she giggled quite excitedly. She keeps saying that “Ruby get bigger and we play!”

The Funny Things you do:

Always insist on sharing your binky with me and insist on it going in my mouth, which you then quickly grab back

Your faux-hawk

Your ability to push doors open and crawl through them at 8 months old

You love to say “hi” and wave, repeatedly

You love to dance to music, and by dance I mean full body shake

You have an excellent and very distinct head nod. We think you’ll fit in great in Japanese culture.

Putting your finger in daddy’s mouth (even though he bites it every time).

Your Challenges:

You have gone through several clingy stages where you won’t take anyone but momma (quite tiring for momma)

Your acute sense of taste at such an early age

Grabbing and pulling Ada’s hair anytime it is within your reach

Yelling at the top of your lungs at the dinner table… though it is funny to see your face turn red and your eyes bug out

Scratching people’s faces (why child, why?!)

Losing your binky in your crib - instead of looking for it, you always stand up and cry for us. As soon as we put it in your mouth, you’re right back to sleep.

We love you dearly Baby Ruby, and though it’s hard to let go of Baby Ruby, we’re excited you are becoming little toddler Ruby. Here’s your verse:

"If you seek [wisdom] like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God." Proverbs 2:4-5

When I read this verse, all I can think about is you crawling all over the floor to find any little “treasure” of food. I hope one day you will seek out wisdom as you did the crumbs on the floor!

Love Ma-ma and Da-Da

One Tough Cookie

Ada and Mommy in the hospital

What started as a relaxing spa day for mommy down at Kelsea’s Beauty College in Everett with Kay, Marti and Esther, ended a little traumatically as I held Ada in the ER with a gaping hole in her forehead.

A mean trip over a set of blankets into the coffee table left Ada with a gash between her eyebrows. Bjørn had to clean the gushing blood off of Ada while calling 911. A friend came over to watch Ruby as Daddy and Ada rode in the ambulance to St. Joe’s where I met them in time to sedate Ada for getting stitched up.

It was an all around traumatic experience for Ada, Daddy and Mommy. But by the time we reached the hospital parking lot, Ada was back to her old self.

Do be forewarned all parents children: Coffee tables look all innocent and lifeless, but they are a world of pain!

Almost One

And walking (albeit assisted) down the hallway!

Double Decker Manger

Ada and Ruby in the Library Cart

Having the girls sleep in the same crib together was getting a little cramped, so last night Bjørn brought home a new piece of furniture to solve the problem. Yes, folks that is exactly what it looks like… a double decker manger! The girls didn’t take to it so well at first, but once they realized we could push them around the house in it, they became quite big fans.

Now they can be close yet still separated!

Christmas Vacation

Between Southworth with Bjørn’s family and Blodgett with my family, it felt a little like a Dr. Seuss book: we drove here, we drove there, we drove up, we drove down. We drove all around! Ruby was quite clingy and as we later learned, sick for a majority of the trip. So it was a chaotic time.

But time was well spent with family, delicious dinners eaten, coffee dates with sisters relished, marathons ran (not by us, but Peter), and more. It was a good time!

Ruby opening a present

Ruby’s First Christmas.

Ada and Bjørn opening a present

Ada helping Daddy open his gift.

the Georgians

Ada with the Georgians.

Grandpa and Ada reading

Ada got to spend time with this guy.

Jackson and Grandpa

And we got to spend time with this little guy.

Peter running the marathon

Peter waving to Ada as he finished his marathon.

Happy Ruby

A rare Ruby moment.

Celebrating after the marathon

Some of the Bulthuis Women. And yes, I did notice how much Esther and I look alike in this shot. Eeiry.

Eide Family Christmas Photo

We finished off the break by celebrating the Eide Christmas Get-Together on New Years Eve.

Mommy Trained?

Ada on the potty

I have begun the process of potty training Ada yet again. The lovely weather in the picture above gives away the fact that it has been several months since the first attempt.

Bjorn in the snow

Especially since this is how it looks outside our house currently.

But alas, it is a New Year, and though I am not one to publicly own my Resolutions (so that I don’t have to publicly admit defeat), I will say that I am determined to get my little smarty of a daughter to use the “loo” properly!

Merry Christmas

A late Merry Christmas from the Bulthuis’s.

Bjørn, Jenny, Ada and Ruby

“For unto us is born this day in the City of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11